An important part of our firm's experience includes criminal defense cases at the provincial and federal levels. Aware of the
special protection needs in this area, we give advise on prosecution / criminal defense, prior to trial proceedings and during
them if necessary attending all kinds of measures (declarations, assistance to the arrested person in police and judicial units,
etc. ...). We defend the rights of our clients in each part of the procedure.
Included areas:

Intoxicated or drunk driving. Assault. Physical Abuse.Sexual assault. Injuries. Death. Threats. Insults and slanders. Domestic
Violence. Failure to pay support. Theft. Kidnapping. Arson. Bussiness Fraud.Scams.Immigration violations. Corporate crime.
Misappropriations.Crimes against privacy. Fiscal, Public Health and Environmental Crimes. Counterfeit. Secret violation.
Bribery. Economic Crimes. Tax Crimes. Computing crimes. Smuggling. Narcotics. Drafting of all kinds of complaints and

                                                           LABOR LAW

Our routine is based on working relationships, either in a dependent or self-employed . Over time certain
actions may change from the original deal, or could appear doubts about the contract rights and
obligations, being necessary the advice on:
- Dismissal Claims .-Wage claims .- Substantial modification of working conditions .-Working incapacities .-
Mobbing.-Holidays.- Companies relocation.-Challenge of employment contract substantial changes,
Categories recognition.- Accidents and occupational diseases. Compensation.

We provide services to both employers and workers, with just one aim: defending their rights in court or

We help individual and business customers with all kinds of accidents and associated issues, resulting in
cases of
workers' compensation.

We handle claims for employees accidents during the course of their work.

Some typical examples of work-related accidents covered by workers' compensation include neck injuries,
back and knee. Emotional problems associated with work. Heart attack produced by work. Occupational
Desfigured face, neck or hands. Lungs conditions related to work. Limb loss. Eye injury.

The benefits may include payment of all medical expenses related to the accident, payment of wages while
recovering from their injuries, an additional recognition if you are permanently disabled, the right to return to
work after recovery, job training if you can not return to work and additional compensation for security
                                              Specialized advice on Mobbing cases

The word mobbing is an Anglicism whose literal translation is “attacking in group”. Mobbing at work is a particular form of stress work
for reasons not directly due to work in an organization, but by the relationships of aggression
at work. Professor H. Leymann, defines it as a situation of psychological violence exercised by one or more persons to another or
others in the working place on a systematic way at least once a week, and over a long period of at least 6 months.

Mobbing is the systematic and recurrent form of harassment aimed at the stigma and isolation of a person in the group,
making to the harassed lose his self-esteem and his reputation, or to test the competitive advantages of an authoritarian style
asserting its power management, either to provoke his resignation through an alternative formula that creates the look-out.

In any field, mobbing is a very hard experience for anyone who receives it. Mobbing at work is an inappropriate and harmful form of
expression to solve disputes in a non-negotiated, arbitrary, illegal, unequal, abusive and destructive way used by one of the parties,
getting the injured party show inefficient and unproductive at work when it is not the reality.

The therapeutic approach so far is mostly extra work, because of the gaps in legislation, still emerging working health measures in
enterprises, and inadequate information of the harassed in their rights of clinical care about this issue.

Abuse of mobbing can affect the working world of interpersonal communication of the victim, his reputation or his work dignity.

It's very typical that at the beginning of this process the affected is not conscious or can not make specific complaints of his
condition. Can not know how to define what is happening, because it is a diffuse and apparently not illegal pressure to the harassed.

Powerless to denounce mobbing, the person have suffered a deep psychological distress that affects his confidence and self-esteem,
with deterioration of his health that may result in loss of work or even leaving the company by dismissal
Or in a voluntary way. But the harassed does not know how to deal with the situation or how to cope with their emotional reactions.
With a sense of threat, unsuccessfully looking for a good working relationship that helps him feel their status recognized and
respected in his profession.

Have been considered, among others, shapes or behaviors that identify instances of a relay attack on the "dignity":
a-Actions against personal reputation or the worker self-esteem (insults, ridicule in the group about appearance, gestures; moral
violence, which may be of low intensity but long-recurrent-shouts, insults, criticism, verbal threats, with or without violence-physical
threats, abuse.
b- Denigrating shares of his beliefs through acts of violence, attacks on moral attitudes, disdain of
religious, political,  beliefs even forcing execute behavior against their conscience.
c-The actions against professional dignity by organizational attacks or -change the location, question decisions, not to assig tasks,
assign tasks without meaning or well below their capabilities without reason, penalties without subsequent disciplinary reason, or
repeated disciplinary actions without foundation.
d- Behaviors to break the worker communicational relations with the company, consistent with the professional isolation
handling of the communication or information, information and participation restrictions, indifference negative greeting speech.
e- Privacy interference: permanent critic, ridicule, to imply of having psychiatric or psychological problems or disabilities mockery,
continuing imitation in order to mortify, invention and / or spread of negative rumors, evil talk of the person or his work.
f-Behavior characterized by an inequality and a gap-degrading treatment even though they may not justified on the discretion of
management, ethnic hostility, repeated medical examinations, the proliferation of procedural requirements for a social benefit,
provided by or under the various psychosomatic conditions of workers.


Depending on the timing and intensity of the harassment to  the victim, the health consequences can be very serious.

Physically. May appear different symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, decreased immune system, various manifestations of
Psychosomatic disease and functional disorders.

Psychically. Frequent depressive symptoms, disability and feelings of failure, reduced self-esteem, indecision,
concern, cranky, hypersensitivity to criticism. But they can also appear psychological disorders, the most common are: PTSD
syndrome, generalized anxiety, phobias, sexual disorders, and sometimes, in order to reduce anxiety, could develop replacement
behavior, like drug addiction and other addictions.

When mobbing has occurred at work, the consequences for harassed person are symptoms of anxiety, fear and sense of threat, both
within and outside of work. Also there is usually a result of low self esteem and insecurity feelings, with difficulty in concentration and

It can not be ignored the impact on the family and society around the person, nor the economic impact to the community, for
abstention from work losses, costs of illness.
The family must be a support for the affected worker, but often is immersed in the conflict and the situation contaminates all of its

Interpersonal relationship is often severely affected, since this problem may distort the worker's interactions with other
people and interfere with their social life. Occur attitudes of distrust and isolation, and avoidance behaviors. They are also frequent
feelings of anger and resentment and revenge desire.

Such problems always have an impact on the development of labor since there is a distortion in the communication and
decrease in the group colaboration. It also produces a significant increase in absenteeism.

Some people with a tendency to substitute behaviors are likely to add to the consumption of harmful substances. Eating disorders
are very frequent.

In the first phase of the harassment, victims are confused, do not know what happens or the reason, make conscience examination
and still not understand why. Confusion grows and there are personality disorders, insecurity, doubt, slow at work.

Later we reach the extreme irritability and discovered the first symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

In the last phase will develop somatic, physical and psychic diseases produced by the persistence of the anxiety that generate
psychosomatic disorders with a direct impact on health as heart disease, allergies, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and even
                                                 COMMERCIAL LAW

We provide consultancy and development operations of legal requirements and contract negotiations of all kinds.
We represent our clients in various corporate and individual
business transactions, including purchase and sale of commercial businesses, mergers and acquisitions, business formation and
projects development.

We provide quality legal assistance in the preparation and review of complex legal documents.

We assist our clients in the process of reviewing the objectives and individual factors in each situation so as to recommend the
best entity to shape society, whether limited or corporation, and the various options within each.

Our areas of litigation experience include contracts, employment issues, general issues, as well as prevention of litigation and
agreements lawsuits.

The large and complex frame of legal and administrative
regulations projected on the employer and which result in
variety of tax, accounting, legal, labor, administrative and financial obligations, turn valuable the assistance of economists,
lawyers and professionals, thus ensuring its coordination being fully aware of all of them, bringing tranquility by the fulfillment of
legal duties.

We have professionals who can carry out this task,
starting on a pre-legal form suitable for building a business from a tax point of view through the preparation, study and
presentation of all types of statements, performing planning, with a preliminary analysis proactive fiscal closure, evaluating
alternatives and benefits, so decisions to reduce the tax burden on income tax and corporate income tax and of course, giving
assistance and defense before any tax inspection and / or responding to requests, liquidations and resources accordingly.
                                                                             CIVIL LAW

We give advice in all matters of the Private Law, which constitutes one of the most important branches of the juridical
Argentine system, heightening the preventive function of the attorney. The prevention, it is the best instrument to avoid
future prejudices. Nevertheless, we are prepared to defend your interests before the courts in all kinds of litigations and civil
and commercial procedures

Homicide (medical and funeral expenses, out of a job profit, moral damage).

Injuries: expenses of treatment (medical and psychological fee, remedies, sanatorium, rehabilitation, surgery, etc.) period of
convalescence with the expenses that this one demands (nurse), out of a job profit, or functional damage, aesthetic injury, moral

Privation of freedom: emergent damage and out of a job profit. Sexual crimes. Calumnies and damages. Theft, Fraud,
confidence abuse.

Accidents: Skids and falls; Aviation; Accidents with boats and engine aquatic vehicles.

Damages to Pedestrians. Responsibility of the State for registering mistakes, routes deficiencies or control omission. Floods.
Environmental  damage.

Responsibility of toll concessionariesl. Responsibility of the guardians in garages, beaches and parking meters.

Responsibility of Car Factories. Animal bites. Medical malpractice. Misdiagnosis. Responsibility of Clinics, sanatoria and Benefit
societies. Horizontal property damage.

Legal responsibility on products (ej., faults both in the confection and design, wrong warnings)

Abuses in retirement homes and to the elderly.

Civil damages for  toxins - including chemists and cosmetics, joint demands, hazardous waste, pesticides, radioactive and
electromagnetic energy.

Medical inputs. Pharmaceutical products. Damages in malls parking lots.

Damages suffered in a dance halls. Violence in educational establishment.

In cases that involve serious personal injuries, we carry out an investigation  and  an effective representation allowing  the
disabled person to receive medical and economic assistance.

We help our clients to obtain the maximum compensation for their injuries, loss of wages and other damages in terrestrial and  air
accidents, medical negligence and as consequence of defective products.

The accidents are one of the most important compensation sources in favor of the individuals, when  because of them occurs
damages and a third person responsible exists.

The compensation claims can be obtained by diverse judicial, civil, penal or administrative procedures ... according to the
cases and the type of responsibility of the accident causer.

The claims are subject under legal process, to various and different requirements, like limitation periods, proof of damage,
valuation rules ... etc, so that the most appropriate
for an individual is to know how to claim their rights, because in these processes claim amounts that can be strongly reduced
or even lost the right(prescription) if time allows.

The compensation paid will depend on the damages that the accident caused to the injured, so it is basic and fundamental
to make a valuation of the damage.

Any injured or harmed by an accident must know the compensation amount that could belongs to the accident and know the
economic interest in it to start a claim.

1 .- AFTER A TRAFFIC ACCIDENT and before a medical discharge, the assessment is made in view of the physical and
material damage caused in the accident, being indicative.

2 .- AFTER MEDICAL DISCHARGE: This assessment is based in the physical, personal and material damages caused by the
accident, it means, the concrete damage that the accident has caused. It is the valuation base for an economic claim to the
Insurance company (or to the accident responsible).

3 .- With regard to the valuation of death is based on a series of personal and familiar facts and circumstances of the victim
and injured ones.

For best results, we recommend that the claim is made by Specialist Lawyers in such cases, as the people required to pay
often hinder payments so extensive knowledge is required in such matters, especially if the compensation
complained of is important, since in these cases is usually necessary to use the judicial procedure.

We specialize in personal injuries and materials claims, working in collaboration with Specialized Physicians according to
expertise and need, obtaining a medical monitoring of the injured to get compensation

Our firm has experience in claims and defenses, claims on property, accidents, health and life insurance, as well as other
corporate defenses.

I. Services to individuals.


- INSURANCE COMPANY of vehicle that caused the accident. - A DRIVER'S INSURANCE COMPANY of the VEHICLE in which
you were traveling as occupants.

B. - CLAIM AGAINST OF THE OWN INSURER in cases of: improper  repair valuation. Refused accident. No compensation.


II. Services for Insurance and legal aid Companies.




We assist our clients in the process of reviewing the business goals and individual factors
present in each situation and recommend the best entity to form, either limited partnership or corporation)
and the different options within each.

We can give advice to our clients from the initial conference and decision-making entity, through diligence and preparation of
documents by the appropriate authorities, training company activities, the adoption of laws and resolutions of shareholders. We
also handle buying arrangements and no competition issues.

We represent and advise corporate clients in lawsuits as a result of a dispute. Our areas of expertise in litigation include contracts,
employment issues, general business issues, as well as litigation and agreements preventing lawsuits.

Our day to day goes through our working relationships, either as independent or employees. Time sometimes makes certain
projects changed from the beginning of relationships or
may appear doubts about reciprocal rights and duties since the sign of a contract, resulting necessary the advice on:

Wage claims.
Substantial changes on working conditions.
Work incapacity.
Settlements calculation.
Objection to substantial changes in the employment contract, recognition of classes, holidays, etc.
Work accidents and professional diseases. Compensation
                                          PROPERTIES- LOCATIONS

We advise on leases, preparing and / or reviewing all types of lease contracts. Study any communication received by the lessee
(issued by the Administrator or Lessor) in order to verify that the the same content is adjusted to the current regulations, to avoid
impact, and improper increases updates income and / or works.

Previously we always try to reach a settlement to the problem. But if a solution it is no possible, we will argue, if you want, your
interests in court.

We advise on: Urban leases: drafting contracts, eviction for nonpayment, and rent debts. Rustic leases: contracts, expropriation,
subrogation, tenancy, rent claims. Legal advice on work and repairs. Contract resolutions procedures and all types of lettings.
Preparation and review of all kind  of leases (housing, seasonal, business).

Neighborhood Relations (nuisance, uncomfortable, dangerous and unhealthy activities). Horizontal property.
Communications with the superintendent. Communities owners  statutes writing. Drafting of regulation
procedures. Challenges to Community agreements. Problems with joint ownership of property.

Administrative resources for fines.
Car sale contracts.
Insurance policy study.
Termination notice of insurance contract.
Extra judicial claim about compensations.
Judicial claim about compensations.
Claim for modification of a package contract.
Claim for cancelation of a package contract.
Claim for baggage loss or damage.

Medical and hospital negligence give the patient or their relatives the right to claim and obtain compensation for

Claims are subject to various and different requirements, on the procedure to be followed, limitation periods, testing,
valuation rules etc ...
Therefore it is necessary to obtain appropriate advice, basically because in these kind of processes tend to
substantiate significant amounts that can be diminished or even lost (prescription) making necessary to follow the
judicial procedure.

What you need to know as soon as possible:

1. - IF A MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE HAS PRODUCED OR NOT. This is a matter of prime importance, because suspected
medical malpractice, must be confirmed by a lawyer with a Specialist
Medical adviser.

Produced a negligence must specify the responsible, the claim deadlines and the possible judicial and extrajudicial
procedures to implement it.

Confirmed the existence of such negligence you should know the amount of compensation that may be applicable.

In claims of damages or injuries suffered because of a
negligence or malfunctioning of a public health service, is basic and essential as soon as possible to know the
potential compensation of damages suffered.

For all injured or harmed by negligence is of great interest to have an indicative valuation of the compensation to know
the economic interest in it, and if you decide to implement the compensation proceedings to enforce its claim.

We specialize in making personal and material damages valuations emitting opinions about compensations, with the
collaboration of medical specialists.

You can get these guide valuations:

1. - AFTER NEGLECT and before its medical discharge: related to the
physical and material damages caused as a result of negligence.

2. - AFTER MEDICAL DISCHARGE: related to all physical,
personal and material damages, as a result of
medical malpractice. It is based on the specific damage that neglect has caused. Is the valuation base for an economic
claim and specific to the State, the insurer, the medical institution or the direct responsible.

3. - With regard to the valuation of the DECEASED as a result of medical malpractice, it is based on a number of
personal and familiar factors and circumstances of both the victim and the one who has suffered.