We are available to solve any problems during your stay in our city:
• Delayed or lost luggage.
• Car accident.
• Loss of documents.
• Criminal charges.
• Assault.
• Theft.
• Bonds.
• Damages.
In current times the specialists are needed for the speed and efficiency of their work and notaries are entrusted with the responsibility of
being custodians of the heritage life of each citizen and to be public notaries.
These are important values and principles because invest heritage birth and destiny.

Since the middle of the XX century to the present time, the notary has been entrenched in the legal profession, has grown prestigiously
in the world of legal science, becoming "the guarantor" which protects and safeguards the interests and rights of citizens and all

It is therefore vitally important that the notary guarantees security and transparency of transactions, ensuring
implementing all the steps necessary for them to be successful and at the conclusion, customers of trust and feel confident that they have come to fruition.


• Development of general and special powers of any type and scale with the processing of their registration and / or
• Certification of signatures in person, on behalf of third parties at home and notarial certification of copies and web pages.
• Preparation of protocols acts, observation, reporting, inventory, assemblies and meetings, raffles and
elections, protests, deposit, referral letters, etc.
• Processing and submission of documentation in all
departments and public or private entities.
• Drafting of private documents, travel and vehicle driving authorizations, residence certificates and documents legalization involving
promises and / or commitments to enter into contracts, transmiting and / or provide rights, transfers of goodwill, trust and leasing.
• Formation of civil society and business.


• Titles study and reports drafting.
• Investigation of all the history of the property and its owner at the Land Registry, Cadastre, public departments.
• Complete transfer’s process: presentation of certificates in all departments prior to and following the title deeds.
• Advice and drafting of all types of scripts: sales division condominium, donation by advance, inheritance with a deferred acceptance,
acceptances of donations offers, grants, wills by public act, constitution of mortgages, establishment of real rights (usufruct, usufruct
reservations, easements, and use
room), family property, marriage settlements, receipts, cancellations, releases and terminations of real rights,
empowerment of emancipation by age, constitution of civil societies, extrajudicial partition of property, regulation of horizontal
ownership rules for country club, gated, etc.; regulation use of shared wells, drilling, facilities, etc;
horizontal property regimes, formation and transfer of commercial societies, corporate loans and inherited shares.

•        LAW FIRMS

• Development of general and special powers of any type and scale with the processing of their registration and / or legalization.
• Certification of signatures in person, on behalf of third parties and copies and web pages certification.
• Preparation of protocols acts, observation, reporting and others.
• Notes and letters drafting.
• Processing and submission of documentation in all departments and public and / or private entities.
• Drafting of private documents: travel authorization and vehicle driving and its corresponding legalization,
documents involving promises and / or commitments to enter into contracts, to transmit and / or establish rights, actual transfers of
goodwill, trust and leasing.
• Investigation of data in the Land Registry, Cadastre and all public departments.
• Titles study and reports elaboration.
Because of the growing number of Internet users, commercial actions of real estate to attract clients are not just focus on the traditional
paper publications. The creation of
own web sites and the presence in real estate websites, has enabled better communication with clients and potential customers.

In order that realtors are professionals with good name and prestige in the real estate intermediation sector we offer collaboration and
provide legal assistance to them with documents and methodology for legal and commercial transparency.

It is vital that real estate professionals know the correct terms of the documents held in their trades, and what terms you must enter,
modify or remove not to transgress the laws. For this you should have legal counsel reviewing the documents used in your trades, and
providing mediation documents (letters of order, down payment contracts etc.), respecting the balance and the principle of good faith.

Crisis in the sector, make the real estate professional is concerned about ensuring the functionality and operability of
most important tools with which to develop his business account: 1. The modus operandi. 2. The
system. 3. Arguments. 4. Alternatives. 5. Documents. 6. The contracts typically used in its intermediate role.

Our goal is to help real estate agents, customers, get apart the distinction from those whose basic principles
of operation, methodology and system of work carried inefficient outcome, allowing them to have the necessary legal services that lead
to fulfilling the professionals objectives, increasing their profits, and thus satisfying the interests of the most precious: their customers.

Our firm founded by Dr. Sergio Benaroya in 1987, provides legal services and legal advice to individuals and firms with a high level of
demand as reflected in legal expertise and service quality.

In addition to its traditional services to real estate consultancy, our study has a section specializing in housing and urban development,
which responds effectively to all the legal needs of our national and international clients.

• Drafting and reviewing contracts for the acquisition or transfer of ownership and housing rights.
• Contracts reservation with all the guarantees required by law.
• Purchase Options.
• Permutations.
• Buying.
• Resolution of all types of contracts.
• Housing development advice.
• Drafting of contracts on the purchase and sale of plots and land.
• Legal studies aimed at ensuring sustainability in the acquisition of urban real estate (housing and land).
• Advice on the characteristics of urban land, houses or buildings.
• Breaches of urban character.
• Claim for non-compliance.
• Construction defects.
• Advice on leases of houses and shops.
• Contract breaches.
• Claim income.
• Personal or distance consultation service.
• Qualified Opinions and reports.
• Expertise and assessment.
• Tax advice.
• Procedures to the Registry of Property.


EXTERNAL LEGAL ADVICE available for developers and construction companies, real estate agencies, dealers in housing and
community owners. Design and software development of legal assistance in different areas.

• Review the status of property transactions during the purchase, financing,corporate restructuring, etc..
• Legal advice on the sale and promotion of all types of buildings (office buildings, industrial, Hotels, malls, parks, farm and urban, etc.).
Declarations of new work, writing horizontal property statutes, etc..
• Legal advice on buying and selling real estate.
• Advising and negotiating lease contracts, mediation, management and property management (Hotels, shopping centers, etc.).
• Legal advice on the construction of buildings and industrial plants, service contracts, engineering and other technicians involved in
the construction of buildings.
• Advice on the Trust Constitution.

• Advice on financing real estate transactions and the establishment of mortgage guarantees.
• Advice and management of buildings and housing developments.
• Preparation and monitoring of contracts, execution, mediation, and all marketing additional legal documentation to indicate their
• Sub-contracting work. Declarations of new work.
• Guarantees and insurance work.
• Compensation for damages, breach of contract or any other cause.
• Contractual and extra contractual responsibility.
• Complaints to builders, developers and insurance companies for construction defects or any other cause.
• Complaints to buyers for non-payment of overdue amounts, for breach of contract or otherwise.
• Complaints to sub-contractors and service companies and supplies.
• Troubleshooting with municipalities or other agencies.
• Resolution of problems with banks.
• Resolution of problems with mortgages or embargoes.
• Planning and urban management.
• Collection, analysis and assessment of background documents, verification of registry and cadastral data.
• Feasibility studies of all kinds of projects.
• Establishment and Management of Urban interest groups.
• Comparative analysis of budget bids.
• Study and processing of administrative appeals.
• Real-rights, charges and encumbrances.
• Taxation of the parties involved.
• Design-structure investment.
• Tax planning for Projects.
• Trades.
• Commitments and options.
• Buying and swaps.
• Transmission companies trades.
• Optimizing tax costs.
• Use and other real rights.
• Inheritance.
• Mortgage Right and Registry.

The negotiating process is an excellent and very valid way instead of legal processes that normally are slow, expensive
and uncertain outcome. Our experience in this area gives a high value to our customers.
However, sometimes there will not be possible to opt for the negotiating process, because the existence of a lawsuit, or because in spite
of considering the negotiation process as the optimal alternative is not feasible for external causes. On those occasions, the court
process is a service that the customer needs, with a legal expertise team to provide a high quality defense.
In, we handle cases
integrating all aspects of family laws, including
adoptions, emancipation, interdiction, paternal demandS,
divorce, custody disputes, property disputes, marital and spousal support proceedings, and / or support for children.

Our lawyers focus on these issues with sensitivity and vision.

We have experience in both litigation and negotiation.

We assist our clients in all aspects of law related to family needs today.

Our firm aims to provide a quick and concrete response to those issues and problems from the effects of family relationships, either
starting from the marriage crisis
(with separation or dissolution) or the pair
made, or from the exercise of parental rights, the child support duty, the matrimonial property, the affiliation, parental relations and
guardianship institutions etc. .., recommends that the process of marital separation or divorce is ventilated by procedures of mutual
agreement, which requires the preparation and submission of a regulatory agreement that accompanies the separation or divorce

If you are clear that definitely want to break your life together, we recommend opting for mutual agreement divorce, to reduce the
economic cost of Lawyer, Attorney, Experts, in addition to greater speed.

In any case together with the demand it is advisable to bring a convention governs which is a compact between spouses in regulating
the consequences of their separation or divorce and can agree any issue, including:

- Determine which of the spouses is given the custody of minor children.
Parents must decide whether to be exercised only by one or by both jointly.
- Set arrangements for visits to a spouse who does not have custody in order to be with their children.
If you opt for joint custody the right should be set for both parents for periods in which they don’t exercise custody.
- Allocation of the use and enjoyment of housing and household furnishings.
- Set a quota of food for the children and its update.
- Alimony, “sppousal support”:  support paid by one ex-spouse to the other as ordered by a court in a divorce (dissolution) case.  
- Liquidation of the matrimonial property, such as the acquired company, if they reach the agreement.

But in addition, the spouses may agree on other issues: the use and enjoyment of a shared residence, who took over the debts and
expenses of the family if one or both spouses continue paying for private health insurance for children etc.-

It is essential that the agreement be written, detailed and that contains the largest possible issues to avoid future potential problems in
its execution.

The complexity of the case or not will depend on various circumstances, that the spouses have already agreed, the negotiation of
agreements with other attorney, the complexity of the issues in the assets division, liquidation of the matrimonial property,
compensation, alimony, the assets of spouses, and family lawyers are responsible for the successful drafting of this kind of agreement.

It is always possible to reach agreement favorable to both spouses, but especially mutual agreement the procedures will be favorable
to the minor children.

If you and your spouse have been unable to reach a friendly agreement, you need advice about what you can claim the other party
and what should be in your case the most favorable, as tenancy, use and allocation of the marital home and the second residence,
child support, visiting rights, liquidation of the acquired company. Given the need for personal legal advice, we recommend
requesting a personal interview.

We advise as many times as required, presenting the demand or the response to it and assistance to trial. However for your own benefit
and that of your spouse, we would try friendly solutions.

If you have a separation or divorce sentence providing for measures on child support or visiting arrangements with regard to minor
children, and you consider that at present
circumstances have substantially changed, can be requested a judicial modification.

But also, to your benefit and that of your spouse, would be tried a friendly solution.

If you have a separation or divorce sentence about child support and your spouse is not paying, there are two remedies for this claim:
execution of the sentence or criminal complaint.
Our firm handles a variety of matters of inheritance planning, including distribution of the properties of an individual at the time of his
death, and in wills,taxes, insurance, property, seeking to obtain the greatest benefit of all laws, and at the same time fulfilling the
wishes of the person. We have years of experience in inheritance planning and we preparing wills.

In you will receive advice from the start on how to give a valid will, through the ways of doing and knowing
the different possibilities that the law allows in order to prepare one that suits your wishes and comply with legal requirements.

Obviously, our lawyers will defend your interests before any legal proceedings relating to inheritance.

In case you have to make an acceptance of inheritance, we will do all handling of the case, including those for tax settlements. We
will give extensive advice on:
• Acceptance / repudiation of inheritance.
• Statements of indignity inheritance (disinherit).
• Treatment and advice testamentary.
• Legitimate claim.
• Partitions of inheritance.
• Testamentary Trusts
f you have our nationality and reside temporarily or permanently abroad, our greatest wish is that you feel at home.
We know precisely the difficulties that arise when we are away and we must recruit a lawyer to the distance or having to
resort to a family member or friend who is in Argentina to
contact a lawyer.

Our law firm is comprised of people who are twenty years of uninterrupted practice,qualified with a track record in
compliance and honesty, but we are aware that this is not enough.
In the distance, it is difficult to trust any person and hire with confidence.

That is the reason why we put our greatest efforts to conduct all procedures requested as soon as possible and with a
significantly reduced cost.

We identify with our clients. That is why always, in all cases, lawyers of this firm contact personally those seeking our
services. No matter the country where you are, no schedule we can contact you.

After your application we will provide the assistance and
advice you require.

If you have an interest in promoting a legal separation or divorce and your spouse is in Argentina, whether to promote or
participate in the succession of a deceased family member in the country, if you must legally protect a property or simply
need to handle any type of items or documents, you can count on us.

Simply send us an e-mail to and on the same day you will receive an answer to your
concern or request. We are available and we want to help. Not matter if your consultation seems superficial or if you simply
require an administrative procedure. All are important, we answer them all. Give us a chance, you will feel at home.

Do you have a housing or rental problem in Argentina?

We advise on:

Urban leases: drafting contracts, eviction for nonpayment, and precarious rents due claim.
Tenancies contracts, expropriation, subrogation, tenancy, rents due claim.
Advice on legal work.
Resolutions of the contract and all kinds of rent procedures.
Preparation and review of all types of rental contracts (housing, seasonal, local business)
Neighborhood Relations (nuisance, uncomfortable, dangerous and unhealthy).
Horizontal property.
Communications to Administrator.
Drafting communities owners Statutes.
Drafting of internal regulations.
Challenges to Community agreements.
Problems with joint ownership of property.

Did you suffer any damage in Argentina?

We help our clients to receive the highest possible compensation for their injuries, lost wages and other damages in cases
such as:

Car accident.
Aircraft accidents.
Medical malpractice.
Lawsuits for medical provisions.
Defective products.

seeking the cooperation of medical specialists from the
various subjects that might be affected (Trauma, Rehabilitation, Medicine etc.)

Should promote or participate in a succession?
Need advice on wills?

Receive advice from the start on how to give a valid will,
through ways of doing and knowing the options that allows the
legislation in order to prepare one that suits your wishes and meets the legal requirements.

Obviously, our lawyers will defend your interests in all types of court proceedings.

In case you have to make an acceptance of inheritance, we will do all handling of the case.

We advise extensively on:

Acceptance / repudiation of inheritance.
Declarations of indignity inheritance (disinherit).
Testamentary treatment and advice.
Legitimate claim.
Inheritance partition.

Should solve a family problem?

We handle cases by integrating all aspects of family law, including adoptions, emancipation, interdiction, paternity
demand, divorces, custody disputes, property and marital disputes, procedures to recover spousal support and / or child
support. Our lawyers focus on these issues with sensitivity and vision.

We have experience in both litigation and negotiation. We assist our clients in all
aspects of the law related to family needs today.

Our firm aims to provide a quick and concrete response to those issues and problems that present themselves from the
effects of family relationships, either starting from the
own marital crisis, or of relations characteristic of the exercise of parental authority, the duty of child support, the economic
regime of marriage, parenthood, etc...

Divorce by mutual agreement.
Child support.
Children (custody, parental rights, rules of visits, etc.).
Unmarried couples.
Breaches of agreements.
Procedures for recognition and challenge of parenthood, fatherhood, motherhood.
Judicial Record Adoption.
Liquidation of property.
Nullity of marriage.
Handicapped: Guardianship.

Estimating the value of reciprocity, we make available to all colleagues in the country and abroad measures of diligence
and legal procedures in general, at a very low cost, with efficiency and effectiveness in compliance.

To achieve this qualification once given:
1 – We communicate reception on the same day.
2 - Except for emergencies, we proceed within 24 hours.
3 – We resend within 24 hours by fax with a record receipt by the Office of th